Indax’s tubular handrail provides a cost effective, reliable, and easy to install railing solution suitable for a wide range of industrial and civil requirements. To get an overview of the range or to see application examples, have a look at our Handrail Info page.

Indax’s handrail is manufactured to the relevant AS/NZS standards at our fabrication facility in South Australia. Our components are built to last in the Australian environment with all steel handrail products being galvanised to AS4680:2006 by our onsite galvaniser. Our rails are also welded to our ball stanchions rather than clipped, a process that provides a stronger and safer final installation.

Our handrail systems are easy to transport, and install onsite. We can offer pre fabricated handrail or balustrade panels, individual components, as well as complete tailored steel or aluminum railing solutions to work around your site. Our systems are also complemented with our unique, and customisable, self closing gate system.

All of our stanchion handrail components/fabrications are supplied with your required base plates, kick plates, closures and bends as needed. Indax handrails have a wide range of applications, and have been installed at mine sites, public areas, education centers, water treatment/desalination facilities and more. – Virtually, anywhere that needs a long lasting, tough, and safe solution.

Standard Specifications

Stanchions (2, multi, or single ball)
48.3 OD x 40 NB x 3.2mm Wall Thickness

Stanchion Spacing
Tubular Handrail Systems complies with AS1657.
Maximum spacing of 2 metres.

Rail Specifications
Handrail - 32 NB (42.4mm OD) medium gauge.
Kneerail - 25 NB (33.7mm OD) medium gauge.
Stanchions are drilled to suit above rail.

Available Finishes
Components can be supplied in

M | Mill Steel
G | Galvanised Steel to AS4680:2006
P | Painted Steel
A | Aluminium

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